My name Is Henry Chaffin.

I do Webdesign in exchange for collectable Lures and Decoys.

I first met Richard Whitehead when I bid on his Gecco Lizzard Decoy he had at auction. The auction did not meet reserve but Richard sold it to me any way. He also sold me a beautiful Stars and Stripes Frog.
A few Days later I made him an advertisement page on my website
HENRYS LURE WORLD. In exchange for this he made me the beautiful 4" Flyrod Frog in Natural Scale With Spots.

Now I am hooked. I have become an avid collector of Richards work. I hope he is as hooked on my webdesign as I am on his frogs. HAHAHA... Here is a peek at my collection.

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Gecco Lizzard Decoy

Stars And Stripes Frog Decoy

4" Flyrod Frog Lure in Natural Scale.
This is my favorite so far. This lure is tough as nails.

This little turtle was a must have for my collection the moment I saw it.

Multicolored Frog. This one is fantastic Richard.

Texas Bad Bird, with ceder box and labels. All I can say is WOW!!! Richard you have out done your self on this one.
Henry Resold to Patrick NG for 100 dollars.

Runt Nosirus, with ceder box and labels. I wanted this lure from the first time I seen it, but it was already sold. When I seen it come up for resale I grabbed it. Love that paint pattern.

Black Sucker with ceder Box and labels.

Beautiful Gar
Carved ny Richard Whitehead and painted by Glen Arthur.
Henry Resold to Patrick NG for 85 dollars.

These are my latest 3 of Richards creations.

" 7 1/2" Multi-colored Texas Jumbo Grasshopper - $85 + postage. Love this Grasshopper.