East Texas Folkart Lures
Hand Carved By Richard M. Whitehead

This is Terry Oxley's collection.

Hello My name is Terry Oxley

I have had nearly a lifelong interest in Rotaryhead lures, beginning one afternoon when I was about 10 years old and my dad had a huge musky come out of the water at the side of the boat with a Pflueger Globe in its mouth. Since I have begun collecting lures, nearly my entire collection (about 1000) is made up of Rotaryheads from the early 20th Century up to yesterday. When I found out that Rich was willing to make Rotaryheads, I immediately contacted him to try to get one or two for my collection. Little did I know that he would keep making them and that they would continue to be creative and appealing lures. There are a number of characteristics besides the obvious that really appeal to me about Rich's lures, his uniqueness for one. His color combinations are very appealing especially with the hand painting and lack of a clear coat finish. This is very consistant with the folk lure style. I also really enjoy the southwestern motif lures, both in paint and design. The salamander type "teeth" lures are fascinating, and everyone who sees them in my collection is drawn to them.

I am very pleased and proud to have this nice grouping of Whitehead lures in my collection. He is a great guy to work with and always willing to talk about lures. Thanks Rich!