East Texas Folkart Lures
Hand Carved By Richard M. Whitehead

This is Mike Roff's Collection of Richards lures.

My name is Mike Roth
I wanted to say a little something about the whitehead lures that are being made. I guess that everyone that buys and trades for folkart lures are looking for quality, unusual and one of a kind.
I myself if buying something being made today would rather have something that no two are alike. That's the fun and the interesting part !
Richard Whitehead does things that way ! No high gloss airbrushed stencil. He hand paints them. Every little cut is a piece of his imagination from one day to the next. So if your looking for the folk art and enjoy the work of a great Texan please get a lure or two for your collection, enjoy em and see for your self.
Michael Rolf