East Texas Folkart Lures
Hand Carved By Richard M. Whitehead

These lures are all for sale.

"Email for prices".

Dragonfly No. 01... Sold to Rebecca Tennille.

7" 5-hook Folkart Teeth lure.... w/cedar slidetop wood box and labels.
Sold to David Lindsay

Slim-Jim No. 01, w/cardboard box. Sold to Henry Chaffin

LIP_STIK No 1, w/cardboard box.
Sold to Chris Beger

Fathead Minnow No. 01, w/cardboard box. Sold to Roger Jerrell.

Stars & Stripes Jointed Teeth Lure No. 01, w/ cedar box.
Sold To Kathryn Anema

Dudley Do-Right, w/cedar box.
Sold to David Lindsay

Multi-colored Gold Mouse No. 01, w/cardboard box.