East Texas Folkart Lures
Hand Carved By Richard M. Whitehead

"Email for prices".
New for 2006

"Mama Texas Gator". She has 8 utters and a very nice scale pattern with wooden legs.

6" -"Scaley Frog".

"BLUSHING MAMA GATOR". She has 8 utters to feed those hungry little ones! I know gators don't have utters but this is just a funny mama. SOLD to Sonny Molina.

"A-Frog-A-Gator" folkart lure. This weird lure has wooden legs, line-tie is in the mouth of the frog which has painted tack eyes. It has 3 treble hooks one on the front of the frog's mouth and belly and rear under the mouth of the gator. The gator has incised scales and glass eyes. Please email any questions/comments and thanks for viewing my work.
Sold to Sonny Molina.

"7 1/4" "Musky A-Frog-A-Gator".
SOLD to Ed Brackett.

7 1/2" Texas Musky size "A-Frog-A-Gator" with incised scale pattern on the gator which is painted an olvie green and the frog is a dark green with multiple colored spots which are: light green, black and flesh color. The line tie is in the mouth of the frog and it has 3 treble hooks. It has wooden legs. This is #03 and the largest of the 3.

7 1/4" Musky Size "A-Duck-A-Gator". 1-of-a-kind. The gator is painted with olive green and it has wooden incised scale pattern on the body and legs. The line tie will be on the front of the duck and it will have 3 treble hooks. Both have glass eyes and the gator has brass teeth set into the yellow mouth.

A-Mouse-A-Gator. SOLD to Sonny Molina.

A-Bass-A-Gator. SOLD to Sonny Molina.

A-Trout-A-Gator. SOLD to Sonny Molina.

Siamese Gator Decoy.

"A Papa Gator with penis" SOLD to Sonny Molina.

Just need to add the hardware on this New "Pug-nose Ridgeback Frog-A-Wog Folkart Teeth Lure" No. 01 created: Nov. 24th 2006' (SOLD TO SONNY MOLINA)