East Texas Folkart Lures
Hand Carved By Richard M. Whitehead

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New for 2006

Weedless top-water "Ridgeback Folkart Frog" with a brass front lip and single rear top mounted hook with a screw thru the eye of the hook to hold it in position. It also has painted rubber legs and painted tack eyes.

Two "frog popper".

A group of mean frogs.
(Top Right Sold to: Ed Brackett.)

Folkart Teeth lure with deer hair tail, brass teeth with a wavey line down the sides.
SOLD to Ed Brackett.

Here is a covey of very young Folkart Texas Gators. Most have their baby teeth and incised scales and ridgeback, glass eyes and brass teeth painted white. SOLD to: Sonny Molina

It has a ridgeback and scales with an open mouth and gills. It's a top-water lure.
SOLD to Ed Brackett.

Texas "Parawna Teeth Lure". This lure has an open mouth and gills so the water goes thru the gills. It has incised scales and hanging belly-weight. 1-of-a-kind!
SOLD to Ed Brackett. (thanks for multiple purchases).

"Texas Ringednose Sturgeon". 1-of-a-kind!

Humpback Craw folkart lure.

1-of-a-kind Mutant Folkart Frog. Has two legs partially chewed off.

Top-water red buck tail 7" folkart lure.

Top water popper folkart frog with buck tail legs and red bead eyes.