East Texas Folkart Lures
Hand Carved By Richard M. Whitehead

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New for 2006

8 1/2" Top-water Folkart Frog. It has front and rear rubber legs, the old type red glass eyes and front prop and line-tie.

Senoir' Gatorhead 1. SOLD to: Sonny Molina

Senoir' Gatorhead 2. SOLD to Ed Brackett.

Spoon-Bill Folkart Lure #1.

Spoon-Bill Folkart Lure #2. SOLD to: Sonny Molina

Squid-O Folkart Lure ... It has black rubber tenicales, gold sequence body, Flo. pink mouth and Flo. green gills with the line-tie on the rear with 3-treble hooks. (Sold to: Doug Rylance)