East Texas Folkart Lures
Hand Carved By Richard M. Whitehead

"Email for prices". No boxes.
New for 2006

Rotary-tail Diving Folkart Lure. Handmade prop and hand painted.

8" Rotaryhead with a handmade wooden prop. it's handpainted.

71/4" Texas Wigglefish Folkart Lure. Handmade lip from an old airplane wing, fan-tail paintbrush tail fin, indented scale pattern, dorsal fin is made from an old rubber glove. SOLD to: Sonny Molina

Texas Ding-A-Ling Folkart Lure. Has a handmade prop, deer hair, glass eyes, and hand-painted.

Texas Wigglefish # 02 2006'. (SOLD to Doug Rylance)

Texas Diving Weedless Frog. Handmade didinv lip, tack eyes, handpainted, side hooks and one two-hhok on top and bottom. It has a white grey splotched belly.

Texas Diving Weedless Frog #02. Handmade diving lip, hanging red belly weight, side mounted hooks one single top-mount hook with a white grey splotched belly. (Sold to: Ed Brackett.)

Texas Needlenose Gar. Has a handmade prop., hand-painted, incised gills and scales with rubber fins.

Texas Garfish #02. Has a handmade diving lip, rubber fins, incised scales and gills. SOLD to: Lew Kornman

Texas Frog #03. Has a handmade diving lip, hand-painted, painted tack eyes,weedless hooks on the front legs with a single treble hook on the belly.

What it is #01. Has very large tack eyes, rubber legs, two live-bait holder hooks and it's hand-painted.

Texas Little Fish. Has a small front prop., a single treble hook, incised scale and gills and red pin head eyes.