East Texas Folkart Lures
Hand Carved By Richard M. Whitehead

My name is Adam Hartman
When I first met Richard Whitehead, I beleive I had posted one of my Lures on Joe's message board and Richard contacted me saying that he made lures also. I told him I would be interested in seeing his work. At the time I don't think there were but maybe 2 or 3 of us actively making lures to sell. This was about 3 years ago. I guess 1998. I think at first, I sent him some pics of a couple of my lures that I would be willing to trade and told him to send me anything he had made. He didn't have access to a digital camera, at least I don't remember any pics but eventually he did send scans. The first lure of his I got was(I beleive) a cross between a CCBC beetle and a Jitterbug. Very funky, very cool. The second lure was his Teeth design. These lures were like nothing I'd ever seen. They reminded me of a book I read as a child called " Where The Wild Things Are". Big Teeth, Big Eyes, Long Tails , Scales, Elaborate paint with bright colors, dots, stripes, glitter.
Nobody could copy Richard if they tried. He is one of a kind. I have at least 20 of his lures, Bobbers and decoys. My wife has quite a collection of his stuff as well. Most of her collection stays tucked away til Chrismas, then she hangs his stuff all over the house and the Tree. I have my collection out all the time. My Favorites are the Teeth Lures. They have small Brass Brads for Teeth. Alot of people say they look like they would scare the fish into the boat. All I know is that they make me smile and I like them. I will keep them hanging around as long as I'm hanging around and I plan to keep adding more as long as Rich makes them.
Sincerely ,
Adam Hartmann

This is Adam Hartmans Collection of Richards lures.